Oil Change Service

When looking at your options for an oil change service, there is a choice between a quick lube option and a dealership oil change. Let’s explore why it is to your advantage to get your oil change done by a dealership. While a quick lube may appear to be cheaper, going to your dealership for an oil change can actually be more convenient, more cost effective and ultimately better for the health and lifespan of your vehicle which will aid in resale value.

You will not regret your choice to service and conduct your oil change at Alfa Romeo Stuart in Stuart, Florida. Please read on to learn why an authorized dealership oil change is superior to the quick lube.

  • Comparable Pricing and Quality

  • Factory Parts Specific To Your Vehicle

  • Factory Trained Technicians Who Are Responsible For Noting Any And All Safety Implications

Comparable Pricing and Quality

Too often it can be tempting to select a cheaper option however this can ultimately cost you more money in the long run. Let’s review why. One of the primary functions of an oil filter is to ensure the engine’s oil is distributed throughout the engine, and protects all components. The factory oil filters ensure a seamless fit that will not allow for oil leakage ultimately compromising your engine. When servicing at a quick Lube location they have to use filters that fit multiple makes and models. Therefore substantially increasing the risk of a faulty fit that allows oil to leak, or drain away from the necessary components causing undue wear and tear on the engine. an authorized dealer only uses factory parts, this protects you and ultimately protects the lifespan of your vehicle. We continually conduct local market area price comparisons to ensure that we are being competitive but at the same time also offering you a worry free experience.

Importance of Technician Training

When servicing for an oil change at an authorized dealer, you are ensured that your vehicle is being worked on by a factory trained technician. During that process the technician conducts a multipoint inspection checking for various safety issues, and the vehicle identification number is run through the database to ensure there are not any open recalls thereby exposing you to unnecessary safety risk. Even though you may think all you need is an oil change, too often there are other components you do not see as a driver that could be putting you at undo risk. If something is found you are contacted, and can make the choice whether you would like to have it fixed and the technician can conduct that repair at the same time thereby saving you a second unnecessary trip.


Lastly, we know how busy you are. So we understand convenience is an important factor when making your decision. In order to ensure customers have access to our service department we offer appointments Monday through Saturdays with many starting as early as 7:00 AM and running as late as 6:00 PM, we offer pickup and delivery for a very small charge allowing you to get your vehicle serviced while you are doing other things. As another alternative we do not require an appointment if you prefer you can always just drop in.